Cross-Body Craze or Just Practical Handbags

This morning while drinking coffee I started glancing through Pinterest at handbags.  I really need want to get a black, taupe, beige, or tan (okay, I haven’t decided on the color yet, give me a break) shoulder bag with a long strap to wear cross-body while out and about in the city. I’m still getting use to living the city life, no car = public transportation.  It’s so much easier to run errands or carry groceries with it crossed over your body rather than hanging off your shoulder, not to mention it’s better for your neck and back (and also less worries of it getting snatched!).

Searching through Pinterest to see what I could find and browsing through online stores for handbags, I found lots of cross-body handbags to choose from. I even happened upon a blog, ‘Inside Out Style’, showing how to wear a cross-body bag.  Here’s a link to the article (with photos) if your interested to see how it’s done 😉  For a more lady-like appearance, check out this blog on how to carry a purse – they even tell you how to put on and take off gloves – However, I think I’ll stick with the convenience and comfort of the hands-free design the cross-body style allows for bebopping around the city.  As you can see, these types of bags make excellent everyday handbags, as well as travel handbags.

Little did I know that I had stumbled upon the discovery that cross-body handbags are very fashion forward this year and many top designers and affordable trendy brands are offering bags in this classic shape.

A few bags I’ve come across – that I like – are shown below. Some of the bags are designed by Marc Jacobs, Fossil, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade.  Two of my favorites are both by Marc Jacobs.  Those bags are the Lady Croc Flap Pouchette in Chinchilla (also shown on mannequin) and the Intergalocktic Ozzie SIA (what a name!).  I really like the pink inside lining on the Lady Croc – how ’bout you?

So what do you think of my picks? Let me know!